Adult OPEN Classes


Dance is for everyone and we offer a variety of genres for adults ages 18+.  Our classes are open to ALL and for ALL abilities.  Our teachers are experts at giving the class variety and different options for learning, which blends the different levels.  Not only does dancing offer physical well being, but it also has many mindful and social attributes as well.  Ballet enhances flexibility, balance, core strength, and vocabulary.  Tap is mathematical and challenges the brain while giving dancers a great workout.  Jazz is fun and upbeat and breaks comfort zones while isolating different parts of the body and focusing on timing and synchronicity with other dancers.  We keep our adult classes social and like to set up mini optional performances at local establishments.  We are also planning on adding our adult classes onto a popular continuing education department’s local list.

Adult classes available:  Tap, Jazz, and Ballet.  Adult classes are $12 to drop in OR $50 for a 5 class pass.   The class pass is interchangeable between any Adult OPEN classes available on the schedule.  The schedule is subject to change based on instructor availability and enrolment.  Semesterly or yearly payments can be arranged by contacting!

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