A fun and exciting Summer with us at OnTap!


Musical Theatre Week Fun

Look Out World, Here I Come! Anne of Green Gables

Ages 7-10 : July 10-14

Learn how to sing, dance, speak, and create your own special world.  There is nothing like a musical to set your world on fire!  By producing and performing a musical, we will become immersed into the life of an actor or star!  Learning lines, rehearsing songs, and performing on stage with props and sets can be like stepping into another world.  Spend the week learning about singing, dancing, acting, and lighting up the stage with energy!  Are you ready to super charge your life – then come on!

Lights, Camera, Action!  Lion King

Ages 11-14; July 17-21

Have you always wanted to experience life on a stage?  How does rehearsing, trying on new characters, and having fun with people for hours sound?  We’ll be doing all of this!  Bring your drama, your inhibitions, and your heart-felt desires to produce, rehearse, and perform on stage.  Singing, dancing, and acting will be featured, but we’ll also learn about sets, make-up, publicity, and (as they say in the theatre world) the roar of the crowd and the smell of the greasepaint!  Trip the Lights Fantastic!

Dance Day Camps

Performing Summer Troupes

One day/week for 5 weeks Starting July 11th; 10-4PM ( Ages 11+ Tuesdays; Ages 7-10 Wednesdays)

The day starts at 9am with a morning technique class. We will, in turn, explore Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary for the day. Next, a themed workshop will be organized until Lunch (Fancy Hair Do’s and Don’ts, Stage Make-up, Dance History, Crafts…).

The afternoons will be dedicated to a choreographic workshop during which the groups will learn at least one choreography per day the first 3 and rehearse them the rest to be at their best for the culminating performance at the Tall Ships Festival on Saturday, August 12th.

Pick up your Dancer at 4pm, at the end of a Fun filled day!

Spots are limited on each “Camp” , Register today and make sure to save yours!

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