Shannon Moore, Chair/Instructor, CDTA Member, BFA Musical Theatre

Shannon has studied with Broadway talents such as David J.V. Meenan, Harry Woolever, Savion Glover, Virgina Sandifur, and many more. Shannon holds a BFA in Musical Theatre from the New School University in New York, is a graduate of The American Musical and Dramatic Academy, and has studied at Dalhousie University as an English major. Shannon has attended several classes and workshops at Broadway Dance Center, The Martha Graham Studio, and Steps on Broadway, and is a regular at the New Jersey Tap Festival every summer. She has nurtured her love for performing arts since her youth at Red Bank Regional High School of Performing Arts in New Jersey as a dance major. Shannon has worked creatively with Neptune Theatre’s Youth Program and Professional Studies, and is a regular guest artist for their Adult Drop In classes. Shannon has directed and produced four full-length shows to date including Narnia: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Wicked Witch of Oz, The Velveteen Rabbit, And Wonderland for the Royale Theatre Guild II, choreographed Urinetown for the Chester Playhouse, and has been choreographing for the South Shore Players for several years. Shannon most recently directed and produced The Very Funky Nutcracker in 2015, A Dancing Christmas Carol in 2016, and Babes in Toyland in 2017 for On Tap Dance Studio. Shannon has also choreographed for On Tap’s Summer Youth Troupe in the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival, Wooden Boat Festival, Maritime Opera, and Chester Drama Society to name a few. Shannon has most recently founded a ballet performance troupe called Lift Me Up Dance Theatre, which strives to bring dance and literature to youth on the South Shore and led the youth programming for dance at the Boxwood Festival in Lunenburg in July, 2019.
Kerenza Verburg, Dance Instructor

Kerenza started ballet in Goosebay (Canada) when she was 3 years old and hasn’t stopped dancing since. She moved quite a bit (from Canada to various countries in Europe, and back again) and has gained a lot of experience in ballet, jazz, contemporary, latin/ballroom, and modern. Most of her training happened in Belgium, where she lived the longest, and where she was fortunate enough to have experienced multiple workshops with professional choreographers and dancers such as Isabelle Beernaert, Laurent Flamment, and Stefano Guiliani. Furthermore, she has had the chance to take a contemporary-jazz class at the Broadway Dance Centre in New York.
Kerenza considers it a huge advantage to have learned from so many different instructors from different backgrounds, and with different ideas and views on performance and dance. She would like to continue to use this knowledge in her dance classes to help younger dancers thrive, express themselves, and find their own spot in the dance world.
Dance is quite obviously her greatest passion, but children and youth play a huge part in what she loves as well. Almost all of her jobs have involved working with children and/or youth, and it is also what she would like to do in the future.
Kerenza is more than excited to combine her greatest passion, dance, with her love for working with and around children and youth. Kerenza has set her first steps into her dance journey, and her goal is to help younger dancers set their first steps into their own dance journeys.

Cynthia Myers, Drama Coach & After School Coordinator

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