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For more information on how to get involved with our teen dance or theatre program, contact:

Teen Arts are beyond relevant today.

Just look and listen around you; to your children, their friends, their friends’ friends…social media. Young voices matter and here at KPAC we tap into exactly that. Teens’ creativity is more pertinent now more than ever and we need them to speak up and help guide us through these uncertain times and their uncertain futures. What better way to guide them, than through the arts!

The Corona Diaries

Featuring Cynthia Myers

Featuring Eden Mitchell

Quarantine poem by Adele Jarvis:

Spring brings change

The old falls away 

For something new

We stay away

From our family 

And our friends

And the world pauses

To wait 

And see

What change

Will be

Ushered in

Letter by Adele Jarvis:

   Dear Front Line Worker,

   I really can’t put in a letter how much my family, friends, and I appreciate you, and everything you do; risking your life everyday to provide aid to our community. I would like you to know that me and my family are staying home, and socially distancing whenever we do go out. We make sure we stay safe and try to help stop the spread of Covid 19 by ordering our groceries online and washing our hands all the time. Even though I miss my friends, I have to make do with facetiming them. We’re looking forward to a vaccine being discovered. I hope that you and your family are well, and thank you again so much for your sacrifice.


   Adele Jarvis

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