Welcome to Kinship Performing Arts Centre!

Here’s our FINAL Fall Schedule…

Monday w/ Shannon:

Beginner Ballet 4-4:45pm (ages 7+)

Intermediate Ballet/Pre-Pointe 5-6pm (10+)

Floor Barre & Stretch 6-6:30pm

Ballet Performance 6:30-7pm

Advanced Ballet 7-8pm(12+)

Pointe 8-8:30pm (12+)

Adult OPEN Ballet 8:30-9:15pm (18+)

Tuesday w/ Cynthia:

After School Club at Bridgewater Elementary School 2:30-5pm (ages 5+)

Drama Extensions at KPAC 6-7pm (ages 13+)

Beginner Tap with Shannon S. 7:15-8pm (register w/ Shannon)

Weds w/ Shannon M:

Beginner/Intermediate Hip-Hop 5-6pm (8+)

CORE Hip-Hop 6-6:30pm (10+)

Thursday w/Cynthia:

After School Programming at Bridgewater Elementary 2:30-5pm (ages 5-8)

Thursday w/ Shannon:

Beginner Tap 4-4:45pm (ages 7-10)

ITP I Exam 4:45-5:30pm (10+)

Int/Advanced Tap 5:30-6:30pm (10+)

CORE Tap 6:30-7pm (10+)

ITP II Exam 7-8pm (12+)

Adult OPEN Tap 8-8:45pm (18+)

Saturday w/ Kerenza:

Creative Movers & Shakers 9:30-10am (ages 2+)

Intro. to Dance/combo tap, jazz, and ballet! 10-10:45am (ages 5-8)

Jazz 11-12pm (8+)

CORE Jazz 12-12:30pm (8+)

Musical Theatre CORE Ensemble 1-2pm (all ages)

Contemporary 2-3pm (12+)

CORE Contemporary 3-3:30pm (12+)

Adult OPEN Contemporary 3:30-4:15pm (18+)

**To register visit:





Session 1 w/ Kerenza June 10th-July 7th (4 weeks $35)

Twinkle Stars ages 2-4: Tuesday 3:30-4pm

Intro. to Ballet ages 5 & 6: Tuesday 4-4:45pm

Junior Ballet/Jazz ages 7-10: Tuesday 5-6pm

Contemporary ages 11+: Tuesday 6-7pm

Jazz ages 11+: Tuesday 7-8pm

Session 2 w/ Shannon July 8th-Aug. 4th (4 weeks $35)

Twinkle Stars ages 2-4: Tuesday 3:30-4pm

Intro. to Jazz/Tap ages 5 & 6: Tuesday 4-4:45pm

Junior Tap ages 7-10: Tuesday 5-5:45pm

Tap ages 11+: Tuesday 6-7pm

Musical Theatre ages 11+: Tuesday 7-8pm

Session 3 w/ Annette June 24th-Aug. 18th (6 weeks $50)

Floor Barre & Stretch ages 10+: Thursday 4-5pm

Intermediate/Advanced Ballet ages 10+: Thursday 5-6pm

Pointe/Pre-Pointe ages 10+: Thursday 6-6:30pm

Workshops and Intensives TBA!


Spring 2019:


Running 12 weeks from March 25th-June 9th!

Mondays w/ Shannon:

Junior Ballet (ages 8+) 4-5pm

$175 plus HST

Junior Tap (ages 8+) 5-6pm

$175 plus HST

Senior Ballet (ages 13+) 6-7pm

$175 plus HST

Pointe/Pre-Pointe (ages 13+) 7-7:30pm

$125 plus HST

Senior Tap (ages 13+) 7:30-8:15pm

$175 plus HST

Adult OPEN Ballet (ages 18+) 8:15-9pm

$12 drop in or $50 for 5 classes

Thursday Intensive Training:

Floor Barre & Stretch (ages 10+) 5-6pm

$100 plus HST

Ballet Performance (ages 10+) 6-7pm

Closed-Audit Only

Exam Studies (ages 10+) 7-8pm

Closed-Audit Only

Adult OPEN Tap (ages 18+) 8-9pm

$12 Drop in or $50 for 5 classes

Fridays w/ Shannon:

Theatre Dance (ages 10+) 5-5:45pm

*CORE Practice 5:45-6pm

$175 plus HST

Hip-Hop & Breaking (ages 8+) 6-6:45pm

*CREW Practice 6:45-7pm

$175 plus HST

Modern Dance (ages 8+)


*ENSEMBLE Practice 7:45-8pm

$175 plus HST

Saturdays w/ Kerenza:

Twinkle Stars (ages 18 months-3) 9:30-10am

$125 plus HST

Pre-Dance (ages 4-7) 10-10:45am

$125 plus HST

Junior Jazz (ages 8+) 11-12pm

$175 plus HST

Senior Contemporary (ages 13+) 1-2pm

$175 plus HST

CORE Contemporary 2-3pm

Closed-Audit Only

Sundays w/ Dance Conxion:

OPEN ACRO once per month on a workshop basis! Email w/ interest.

**All Registrations subject to a $10 ADMIN fee. Costume rental fees for June recital included in Tuition!

10% off for your second class or more OR sibling discount.



2018-19 Studio Schedule


Junior Ballet (ages 8+) 4-5pm with Shannon

Junior Tap (ages 8+) 5-6pm with Shannon

Intermediate/Advanced Ballet (ages 12+) 6-7pm with Shannon

Pointe/Pre-Pointe (ages 12+) 7-7:30pm with Shannon

Intermediate/Advanced Tap (ages 12+) 7:30-8:15pm with Shannon

Adult OPEN Ballet (ages 18+) 8:15-9pm with Shannon

Tuesday:  Studio Available for Rental

Wednesday:  Studio Available for Rental


Floor Barre & Stretch (ages 10+) 5-6pm with Shannon

Ballet Theatre Performance (ages 10+) 6-7pm with Shannon

ITP Exam Studies (ages 10+) 7-8pm with Shannon

Adult OPEN Tap (ages 18+) 8-9pm with Shannon


CORE Competition Tap (ages 10+) 4-5pm with Shannon

CORE Competition Theatre Dance (ages 10+) 5-6pm with Shannon

Hip-Hop CREW-Competition Optional (ages 8+) 6-7pm with Shannon

CORE Competition Ensemble-All competitors welcome 7-8pm with Shannon


Twinkle Babies (ages 18 mos-2) 9-9:30am with Kerenza

Twinkle Stars (ages 3 & 4) 9:30-10am with Kerenza

Pre-Ballet/Tap (ages 5-7) 10-10:45am with Kerenza

Junior Jazz (ages 8+) 11-12pm with Kerenza

Senior Contemporary (ages 12+) 12-1pm with Kerenza

CORE Competition Contemporary (ages 10+) 1-2pm with Kerenza

Private Lessons and Studio Rentals can be arranged through our office by emailing

**Schedule subject to change based on registration and instructor availability.

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