Studio Policies and Procedures

Membership Fee: There is a seasonal membership fee of $50 for each registrant. This cost covers the cost of insurance, materials, costumes, etc. Since we are non-profit, there is no sales tax, but we are required to charge for membership. The fee may be reduced if a student is registered just by semester or on a short term or drop in basis. All full year students MUST pay the full $50.

Refund Policy: Students may withdrawal during the first 2 weeks of each semester.  There are NO refunds after the 2nd class.  Any credits on an account cannot be honoured after one full year.  Cash refunds may be disbursed under special circumstances such as illness, family crises, or unexpected circumstances.  If a student pays monthly rather than yearly, they will forfeit one whole month of tuition by withdrawing after the said deadline.

Cancellations: We strive to notify all students, staff, parents, and volunteers about cancellations, no later than noon time on the day of a weather event or crises. Planned disruptions in classes will allow for at least 2 weeks of notice as long as it’s within our control. Please note, we do not always have the ability to reschedule classes, but make every best effort to offer make up classes whenever possible.

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